Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury

Whether you’ve suffered a stroke or been a victim of a traumatic brain injury, there is help available. You don’t have to live with these symptoms! Let's explore treatments today!
stroke and traumatic brain injuries

Getting Help

Suffer from a stroke or traumatic brain injury?  We can help you recover quicker than conventional treatment methods and therapies!  Overcome the emotional trauma while healing from the physical injury with Brain Integration.

Brain Integration has helped many people regain the use of their speech centers as well as their physical functions.  While nobody can guarantee you 100% recovery because there may be physical damage impairing function, I can tell you from my personal experience that recovery of most function is possible over time.

Don’t live with the fear or physical limitations without at least giving yourself the opportunity to regain your abilities with Brain Integration Technique and Muscle Reactivation.  Muscle Reactivation Technique focuses on reconnecting the neurological signals damaged by the stroke, while brain physiology reconnects neurological pathways within your brain.

In the spring of 2019 our office brought in a patented Quantum Physics Device that has the ability to uncover the quantum signatures/frequencies of toxins in the body and deliver treatment directly to the body.  It can also energetically treat clients using scalar wave technology through a cellphone in the comfort of your own home.  Adding this therapy to Brain Integration increases the effectiveness and speeds up the healing process because it acts upon the gut micro-biome and the nervous system directly.

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