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Is there a delay between your thoughts & speaking? We treat all types of speech aphasia. Have you taken speech therapy yet hit a wall? We can help you with your speech today!
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Speech impediments can affect confidence at any age.  Childhood stuttering or Brocas and Wernickes aphasia from head injury or stroke are all conditions which make it difficult to communicate.  We can help your brain signaling with Brain Integration Therapy.

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Help is available for you now!  We have successfully helped clients from all over the country who have suffered from these issues and more with Brain Integration!

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Recovering from any type of injury to the brain is a long road through conventional methods of rehabilitation.  We know from our research, our case studies and our clients that recovery can come much sooner and be much more successful with our treatment programs.  We start with a Brain Integration.  We then continue to work on your brain’s specific neurological physiology and reticulated activating system.  We work concurrently using Muscle Reactivation to reactivate the signal between your body and your brain.  Our clients recover faster because we address the brain, the body, and the emotions which are all impacted by a brain injury.  A brain injury can be caused by vaccines, head injury or by oxygen deprivation.  If you are struggling with a brocas or wernickes speech disability, we can help you improve your speech.

If your child stutters, it is a brain misfire that can be solved with Brain Integration too!

Don’t accept what limitations you have been told that you must learn to live with!

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