Fears and Phobias

When your brain signal gets "hijacked" on it's way to the frontal cortex another part of your brain takes over.  Instead of thinking rationally, you will either emotionally react or physically react as if a threat is real.
fear and phobias

Getting Help


Are you living your life through the lens of fear?  Does it disrupt you living fully and enjoying your life?  We can help you let go of fear and move forward with your life.  Maybe you have suffered childhood trauma or trauma as an adult that replays in your mind.  Call today for help!  You don’t have to live with fears and phobias any longer.

Fear is an emotion that can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from living your life fully.  You may not even realize that you are reacting from subconscious threats and not real ones.  If this sounds like you, then stop blaming yourself for not having this under control!  There is no way to control this.  Your response controls you  and it’s not your fault.  Fortunately, there is a neuroscience technique developed to help you!  If you’re reading this because you know you have some phobias that have no basis in reality, then you are dealing with an internal signalling problem in your brain.  You are in luck.  You have found the right place.  Call today to schedule an Initial Brain Integration Assessment and learn how easily this can be resolved so you can go back to living your life without fears or phobias ruling your life.

Get help now to correct this permanently with Brain Integration Therapy! which redirects neurological signals back to the way they function optimally.  Stress or physical injury can cause functional blocks which are permanently corrected in 12 hours time within our office.

In the spring of 2019 our office brought in a patented Quantum Physics Device that has the ability to uncover the quantum signatures/frequencies of toxins in the body and deliver treatment directly to the body.  It can also energetically treat clients using scalar wave technology through a cellphone in the comfort of your own home.  Adding this therapy to Brain Integration increases the effectiveness and speeds up the healing process because it acts upon the gut micro-biome and the nervous system directly.

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