Starting over and not sure where things went wrong? Notice patterns in your interpersonal relationships? Trouble healing from the hurt and pain? I can help you with your situation today.

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Are you finding that it is difficult to trust again? Struggling to forgive or let go? Kids acting out or having trouble at school because of stress at home? Confused? Anxious? Wonder how to pull it altogether and go forward?

Many others have walked in your shoes and felt your pain! I have helped people from all over the country start their lives over again with a Brain Integration! It isn’t just the spouse who needs to recover from a divorce. I have literally helped heal whole families hurting from divorce. Contact me today to start life free from the hurt and confusion!

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For your comfort, I offer an informal, but professional atmosphere. My office is designed to provide a non-clinical and relaxing environment for all of my clients. I recommend that all of my clients come well-fed and well-hydrated with water.

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