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Is your child struggling with concentration and focus issues? ADD or ADHD? Let me help your child today!  It doesn't have to be such a daily struggle!
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Getting Help

Many people come to me for help in their own lives with focus issues.  Common things I hear are “I’m so ADD!”  “I can’t stick to anything.”  “People say I don’t listen”.  Parents come to me with children struggling in school and their child is known as the Class Clown.  Acting out is a distraction when learning isn’t possible.  Nobody wants to feel dumb and it’s better to be funny and receive positive attention that way.  Kids are smart.  They figure out ways to work around learning difficulties or concentration issues.  No matter what your story is, many before you have received the results they needed with a Brain Integration. This cutting edge neuroscience technique opens all areas of the brain by removing functional neurological blocks within the brain naturally. A Common symptom of these neurological blockers can be Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Focus and concentration issues can also indicate an amino acid deficiency or a neurotransmitter imbalance.  We screen energetically for all of these possibilities during the Brain Integration Assessment!

Contact me today to find out how together we can help your or your child! Misdiagnosed learning difficulties, like ADHD, not only make learning difficult, but they often delay a child’s social development and maturation.  Get your child the help he or she needs now to avoid problems tomorrow with self esteem!


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