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Exhausted from sneezing and wheezing your way through pollen season? Afraid what might happen if you get strung from a bee and have an allergic reaction? Tired of avoiding foods you're allergic to? Do you love animals but avoid them because of your allergies? Find relief with our proven treatments!
allergy treatments

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Allergies and Food Sensitivities can take the joy out of everyday living. Come see how quickly and easily we can desensitize and heal your body!

Multiple allergies and food sensitivities are usually secondary symptoms of a primary gut issue.  Referred to as Leaky Gut, many people are told they have to live with this condition.  That is not true at all!  We look for the root cause and heal the body from the inside out.  Often there are underlying causes like mold exposure or fungal overgrowth (candida albicans) in the gut.  People who have have gut issues in years have found relief in 6 weeks time with a little change in diet and homeopathic remedies that heal the gut and repopulate the intestinal flora.

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Breathing issues, sneezing, digestive problems and even behavioral changes, are all signs of inflammation.  Our holistic approach to addressing allergies is usually permanent and far more affordable than costly doctor’s visits, allergy shots and allergy drugs.

If you have been allergy tested, simply provide the list to our office at the time of your visit.  If you are unsure of what you are allergic to, please call and we will advise you on how to collect specimens from your environment.  Pollen allergies normally need to be revisited each season as new pollens bloom for the first year only.  What have you got to lose, besides pesky allergies?

In the spring of 2019 our office brought in a patented quantum physics device that has the ability to not only uncover the frequencies of toxins in the body, but deliver treatment energetically using scalar wave technology through a cellphone in the comfort of your own home.  Adding this therapy increases the effectiveness and speeds up the healing process because it addresses the gut microbiome and the nervous system directly.  This unique device neutralizes Learned Emotional Responses to food, pollens, toxins, and much more in 10 sessions with no needles your allergies are no longer a problem.

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