single nucleotide Polymorphism

A SNP, otherwise known as a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism is a genetic mutation expressed on a gene.  This means there can be a genetic component to behavioral issues.


They can cause impulse control issues and behavioral problems. These genetic mutations often disrupt the body’s ability to uptake folate and detox excess neurotransmitters and hormones, leaving an imbalance.


When one or more of these SNP’s are present in an individual, we can assist the body using amino acid therapy to regulate hormones and neurotransmitters.  A significant part of working with hormones and neurotransmitters is to balance the gut microbiome.  The Gut Brain Connection must be restored so healing the gut is critical.  


In spring of 2019 we introduced our new patented quantum physics device, along with Infrasonic Laser Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Rainbow Light Therapy, Sound Light Therapies and much more.  We discovered through research that the autonomic nervous system can be accessed and calmed down using scalar wave technology with Sound and Light Frequencies, without the use of therapeutic drugs.  Unlike biofeedback systems commonly used today, our device can specifically target the endocrine glands.  


The body’s normal mending mode is turned on when the body is quiet and relaxed.  The Vagus nerve is responsible for that condition to exist in the body.  If there is undue stress there won’t be healing.  We call this “Conflict Active”.  A body in this condition is constantly in fight or flight and cannot heal.  We incorporated Sound Light Therapy into our protocols because patients see faster healing results when this is added to normal protocols.