Red Infrasonic Laser therapy

How It Works

Research has shown the benefit of sound therapy in the boosting the body’s natural healing ability against everything from nervous disorders to LYME Disease.  

The body’s regular healing power is identified with a piece of your sensory system called the autonomic sensory system.   The body’s normal mending mode is turned on when the body is quiet and relaxed.  The vagus nerve is responsible for that condition to exist in the body. If there is undue stress, then their isn’t going to be healing–the body will stay in what is called ‘conflict active.’   

We are proud to introduce the Red Infrasonic Laser which  delivers sound frequencies directly into the nervous system via the ear using a Red 635nm highly coherent laser; we can stream Nogier frequencies, Rife frequencies, or actual Solfeggio sound frequencies onto the auricular points of the ear.   This unique laser can be used to balance hormones, and raise the energetic frequencies of the endocrine glands by delivering specific frequencies as needed.

Nogier discovered ranges for areas of the ears using the ear maps for frequency therapy.  This is a specific delivery system that works on the vagus nerve and the poly-vagal tonality.
The vagus nerve is a primal defense nerve that interferes with many ‘relaxation’ responses of the body, digestion, and pre-sleep hormones: Melatonin, Dopamine, Gaba and Acetylcholine, Etc.

We treat by embedded frequencies, using red light as the carrier wave. You can treat zones.
We treat body areas.
We treat specific tissue pathways.
We treat Glands – Thyroid- Adrenals – Pitutary
We treat using RIFE Frequencies
We treat using Harmonic Frequencies
We can deliver directly to specific portions of the body. (using Nogier maps)