PBSM THERAPY Photo-Bio-Sound-Modulation using our unique patented Sound Light Therapy healing technology

  • Latest and most effective healing tool on the market totally
  • It is non-invasive, simple, and effective.
  • There are no known lasers of this type used in other holistic modalities
  • Patented technology
  • Ability to change emotional, mental, even biological aspects of imbalances in the body.


The body’s normal mending mode is turned on when the body is quiet and relaxed.  The Vagus nerve is responsible for that condition to exist in the body.  If there is undue stress there won’t be healing.  We call this “Conflict Active”.  A body in this condition is constantly in fight or flight and cannot heal.  We incorporated Sound Light Therapy into our protocols because patients see faster healing results when this is added to normal protocols.



Light therapy is a trigger to help maintain the flow of our natural electrical and chemical systems. LED technology has brought us a wonderful tool for health.

Embedded sound travels through all body cells and light can transport the sound more deeply into the bones and connective tissue matrix(es) without physical limitations caused by scars or toxins.  Placed anywhere on the skin, the body will begin to absorb both the light and the sound.  We call this process embedding the sounds directly into the tissues.

Bones are good conductors but tissue is even better.

Large wavelengths of frequencies in tissue exist in the body over a large portion of the frequency range naturally.

Large wavelengths of frequencies in tissue exist in the body over a large portion Sound and vibration transmission in tissues.  Sound pressure levels measured of the frequency range naturally.

There are numerous physical mechanisms, which effect high- frequency signals in transmission.

The frequency of the Sound Light Therapy Device can be addressed for matrix modulated sound and photo-bio-sound-modulation as needed by the client to address specific symptoms