Enzymatic & Nutritional Support

Homeopathic Products

My practice offers homeopathic nutritional products.  In order to accurately assess which products your body would benefit from the use of, I personally muscle test every client before recommending any product.

Every body is different and everybody responds to supplementation and digestive support in different combinations.  I will meet with you and determine through applied kinesiology what nutritional support is indicated for optimal wellness.

My clients are free to shop online to purchase refills of any product that I carry.  The online prices to not have taxes added to them until you place your order. I try to keep my prices competitive for online purchases and I also stock a multitude of products in my office for your convenience.

If you are local, just call me before you stop by to make sure I have what you in stock what you need.  Please be aware that distributors who sell online buy in bulk and may have out of date products in their inventory.

Energetix has a one year shelf life so I stock weekly and because products are being reformulated due to FDA regulations for 2014, I have only the latest formulations in stock.

Nutritional supplements are absolutely critical to acheive optimal wellness!  Just watch this quick this video about the benefits of enzymes: