Micro-biome balancing

First Step

 Microbiome is a term that describes the healthy balance of bacteria in the gut.  This is the body’s main defense system against invaders such as parasites, pathogenic bacteria and yeast.  When the body’s microbiome is depleted and out of balance, physical, emotional and mental symptoms often arise.  The human body makes most of its serotonin in the gut and with an unhealthy gut flora balance, the body does not make enough serotonin to keep up with it’s needs.  The results are mood instability, depression, sleep disruption and anxiety.  We have develped a protocol for restoring the gut microbiome using  specific probiotics, gut healing supplements with our patented Quantum Physics Device that has the ability to uncover the quantum signatures/frequencies of toxins in the body and deliver treatment directly to the body.  It can also energetically treat clients using scalar wave technology through a cellphone in the comfort of your own home.  The device interacts with the gut micro-biome and the nervous system directly, bypassing other body systems. 

 Our cutting edge technology sends the body specific quantum signatures needed to calm down the inflammation in the gut while restoring the healthy flora. We do this in series of 3 sessions then reassess the progress.  The gut brain connection depends on a good healthy microbiome and this is the first step in achieving this balance.