Comprehensive Brain & Body Bio Energetic Assessment

comprehensive bio energetic assessment

Getting Started 

The first step for all potential Brain Integration clients or anyone coming in for brain injuries, emotional, mood or learning issues is to have a comprehensive bio energetic assessment.  We start with energetically testing for brain integration functionality.  The Brain is divided into grey matter and white matter.  The grey matter being the anatomical structure and the white being the fibrous tissue that conducts communication between the structures.  This appointment is a clinical assessment and a brain integration assessment together.  

  • energetically assesses current brain function, integration abilities and percentage access to all areas of the brain
  • energetically isolates environmental factors that interfere with brain function
  • energetically isolates nutritional deficiencies
  • energetically assesses organs, glands, full body systems
  • establishes a baseline of all systems
  • energetically isolates common methylation issues known to impede nutritional absorption, the ability to detox property,  as well as affect behavior

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