Brain Integration Technique

What Is Brain Integration Therapy?

 Brain Integration Technique (BIT) is a drug free, non-invasive way to permanently correct neurological difficulties within the brain itself. Unlike other methods marketed today to help “train” the brain to function better, BIT is not a tutoring method or a series of training exercises for the brain.

This amazing cutting edge technique improves the ability to learn and retain information, help phobias, anxiety, and is very effective at helping individuals struggling with PTSD, Depression, and many other symptoms.

All treatments vary in duration and specific protocol.

Every individual is unique and if you are told that one technique can fix everything please ask yourself if that makes logical sense. I always recommend a full assessment to see if a detox is necessary prior to commencing with a Brain Integration. Often a nutritional deficiency or a neurotransmitter issue is complicating the matter at hand and can easily be addressed, saving you time and money.


Brain Integration Therapy can be an effective treatment for those that have ADD or ADHD.


If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Autism learn more about how I can help you with Brain Integration Therapy.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

If you have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury whether from a stroke or other situation Brain Integration can provide healing!

See More Symptoms

Explore other symptoms that brain integration therapy can be utilized to achieve healing.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Results are better by combining this treatment with amino acid therapy, homeopathic remedies and nutritional support to address the entire individual and remove any physical blocks present. Based on the latest neuroscience findings I use Applied Kinesiology/Autonomic Response Testing, combined with acupressure points to access the subconscious processes in the brain and body to isolate and remove blocks.

First Step: Brain Integration Assessment

Before, starting any treatment we will have to conduct an initial assessment. This 90-120 minute assessment will be spent on a comprehensive evaluation and assessment to further determine the treatment program you will need. Treatment will depend on your symptoms or needs.

Starting Treatment

Once treatment begins you will continue to relax on a massage table fully dressed. I do not poke you or make you uncomfortable in any way. Using acupressure points on your body, I gently touch Meridian Points on your body while monitoring your muscles for any indication that there is a neurological block at each point. I gently use the frontal occipital touch pictured above to correct for each imbalance and then continue onward until every neuropathway within your brain and body is free of any blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does the entire therapy take?

The entire therapy time will vary by individual. Clients in our Scottsdale Arizona office can typically count on anywhere from about 10-14 hours, broken up over a few days. Because we care about our clients, we ask that you come back in six weeks for a follow up visit. If you have any questions before that follow up appointment, we invite you to email or call us directly.

What kind of results should I expect with BIT?

If you came to us for learning disabilities or other academic related issues like ADD/ADHD, you can expect to see an overall improvement in your ability to comprehend and retain what you read. You should be able to learn and memorize spelling words, understand mathematical concepts, and focus better overall. We give our clients full access to the ability to learn, but the amount of improvement still depends on the student’s participation in school. We enable the brain to learn, but we do not make the brain learn, that’s why we assign some practice exercises to do at home to assist your brain in using it’s newly acquired skills.

If you came to us for anxiety, depression, or relationship issues, you should see an improvement in your ability to modulate your emotional responses. Brain Integration results can be immediate or progressive. Some clients feel an immediate “shift” in how they feel inside and/or respond to other people or situations, while others notice amazing changes that just seem to happen almost overnight in their lives. As time progresses more and more changes will reveal themselves. If you have organic brain damage, there is still improvement but it may be limited depending on the location of the damage. Even those who were suspected to have damage (i.e. Autistic tendencies) often improve significantly enough that it is no longer evident. We can enable the brain to learn within any limitations posed by organic brain damage.

How quickly will I see results?

Results have been reported to vary. Every individual is different. Some people feel different during the treatment, and some do not feel anything until after their integration is complete. We like to compare BIT to a flower blooming. It may open quickly or gradually. The time frame can range from a few days to a few weeks to a month or two in some cases. Therefore, external variables like family and school dynamics can affect when and how the integration takes hold.

How To Prepare

Located right in the heart of sunny Scottsdale Arizona, my practice provides a comfortable relaxing, yet professional setting for my clients. Please arrive fully nourished, hydrated with plain water and wearing comfortable clothes. If you wear glasses or contacts, please wear them. Do not discontinue any doctor prescribed medications as they do not interfere with your treatment. I recommend that you bring a large water bottle and snacks. Children can bring toys without batteries. Cellphones and laptops need to be turned off and watches will need to be removed. No WiFi signal may be transmitting to or from the treatment room.

Can I schedule a private Brain Integration in my home?

For your convenience, Diane travels to accommodate special requests. Costs and fees vary for services rendered.

Follow Up Care

It is important to follow up with a mental health professional or a life coach following your Brain Integration to learn develop the skills and receive the tools necessary to complete your transformation

After Treatment

Your new functioning brain needs to be taught. Behavioral health professionals and tutors are critical to teach you how to learn information and/or process through emotional situations. Brain Integration opens you up to receive and learn but does not teach you new skills. We coordinate with professionals to help you get the help you need. Sometimes underlying medical conditions left untreated, like Candida, can mask the results until the condition is eradicated completely. We also refer to health professionals who understand holistic nutrition .

Results from BIT are progressive but usually permanent! However, a severe head injury may cause new damage and require a “tune-up”. Extreme stress or emotional trauma can also require a “tune up

Talk With Diane

Want to learn more about Brain Integration Therapy and how it could benefit you? Get in touch with Diane today to get started. I provide a complimentary 15 minute phone call to go over your situation and how we can help.

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