Brain Body Balancing

Brain & Body Healing Programs

Brain Body Balance Healing Packages are for people serious about healing who want results fast! Each session addresses emotional, mental, and biological aspects of imbalances within the body. Treatments stimulate the immune system, while balancing the microbiome using digital homeopathy with Sound Light Therapy. Every session stimulates meridian pathways and detox pathways to open.

Cutting Edge Patented Technology

Initial Brain Body Scan includes Diane’s clinical analysis

Brain Body Balance Package $2,600

Includes 10 Sessions over 6 weeks

Each Session includes:

  • QMA Brain Body Scan, analysis, Sound Light Treatment with Solfeggio Sound Frequencies and/or Nogier Healing Frequencies.
  • BioDynamic Induction Laser Treatment uses Scalar Wave Technology which focuses on the vagus nerve. 

 The body’s mending mode is turned on when it is quiet and relaxed.  The vagus nerve controls this scenario.  Without a calm tranquil vagus nerve, the body will stay in “conflict active” mode and not heal.

Release Learned Emotional Responses

Diane’s 6 week protocol releases learned emotional responses to environmental substances ie; food, chemicals, pollens, animals, heavy metals, gluten, dairy, heavy metals, fungi, bacteria, pesticides, parasites- just to name a few.  In addition to the above mentioned categories, specifically needed homeopathic tinctures, herbal remedies and vibrations, which align and neutralize all organs, glands, systems and brain waves are all imprinted into the BioDynamic Induction Laser with every healing session.  This means that while clearing physical imbalances, the body is clearing the emotions simultaneously. 

This patented QMA technology is unlike any technology or biofeedback machine or holistic healing modality.  The main difference between this technology and biofeedback machines, PEMF and Zyto, SCIO machines is the communication aspect. Our technology performs a psycho physiological reading response through a communication pathway similar to how a lie detector test would work.  Like a lie detector testing device, we are asking actual deep questions to the body and tracking and recording the responses to stimuli.  The information gleaned from the scan is imprinted through the BioDynamic Induction Laser and into the body.  This information can also be imprinted into a customized physical remedy so healing frequencies can be taken simultaneously during the protocol for faster deeper results.  The impact of a customized remedy and the Brain Body Balance dramatically shortens healing time when compared with traditional homeopathic and herbal healing protocols.   

How It Is Done

This protocol can be completed in person or remotely with Diane surrogating in for the client, while holding a human interface wand. The process ensures deep clinical information, since the etheric body is multi-dimensional.  We tap into the quantum field but our main reliance is on the psycho-physiological response to the body and the fact that we ask the question eight times and watch for the rise fall duration and slope of how the body responds. There is nothing like it in the world and every session is personalized to the client’s specifications.

To accompany this protocol Diane recommends light transfused remedies created for bringing light into the specific organ that is struggling the most or using the most of the body resources as identified in the initial scan.  Diane personally imprints each of these remedies prior to shipment.  

The imprinting uses the personalized scan results, imprinting your individual hormone, endocrine frequencies as well as any signatures from toxins that are energetically identified in the body.  

The benefit of this process is to compound the healing affect daily.  Orally taking the same imprinting, speeds up healing.  The additional cost of imprinting is $100 and this is a one time charge before shipping  

Once the body is fully open and receptive to holding light, Diane has other specific protocols designed to target Lyme, Bacteria, Viruses which are sessions done in more rapid succession to each other and target only these xenobiotics.