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Comprehensive Brain & Body Bio Energetic Assessment

Find out more about about our comprehensive brain & body bio energetic assessment which we do as the first step for our brain integration therapy.

Initial Scan with our patented Brain & Body Scanning Quantum Matrix Machine

Learn about our patented QMA technology that is able to provide in-depth information and treatment to help with your holistic healing.

Microbiome Balancing

Learn more about how we can help your body get back in balance and reset your micro-biome that may have been damaged over time.

Brain Body Balance Sessions

Brain Body Balance Healing Packages are for people serious about healing who want results fast! Learn how we can help.

Sound Light Therapy (SLT)

PBSM THERAPY Photo-Bio-Sound-Modulation using our unique patented Sound Light Therapy healing technology. Learn more about our process.

Low Level Induction Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is quickly becoming the first line of non-invasive tools in pain control, tissue healing, and in epigenetic stress rehabilitation.

Red Light Therapy

Red light is thought to work by producing a biochemical effect in cells that strengthens the mitochondria. Learn more about how it works.

Skin Rejuvenation

Need help rejuvenating your skin? We can help you with our proven process. Learn more about how we can help your skin! 

Brain Integration Therapy

Brain Integration Technique (BIT) is a drug free, non-invasive way to permanently correct neurological difficulties within the brain itself.

Muscle Reactivation Therapy

Muscle Reactivation therapy re-connects the pathways and brings appropriate nerve stimulus to the muscle. Learn how I can help you today. 

Emotional Clearing & Energetic Release

We can help you with navigating through your emotional struggles. Learn how I can help you with emotional clearing.

Wound Healing

Achieve faster healing and minimize scaring from your injury. Learn how we can do this for you or a loved one.

Acne Treatment With Low Level Laser

Get a custom treatment plan for your acne treatment. You don’t have to struggle with acne any longer. Learn how we can help! 

Quantum Signature Custom Remedy Imprinting

We can provide remedies that are specific to your individual needs. Learn more about our process of remedy imprinting.

Nutritional & Enzymatic Support

My practice offers homeopathic nutritional products. In order to accurately assess which products your body would benefit from the use of.

Red Infrasonic Laser Therapy

​Red Infrasonic Lasers ​are designed to deliver sound frequencies directly into the nervous system. Learn more about this process.

Corporate Programs

Corporate Brain Integration Wellness Program

Innovation is the key to success. I have developed a truly remarkable corporate wellness program for brain integration.

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Behavioral Health Professionals Support

I would like to share with you how we, collaboratively, can help your clients/patients overcome the blocks that come during therapy

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Onsite Treatment Facility Treatment Program

I offer a proprietary Holistic Recovery Program which incorporates Brain Integration! This is all done onsite!

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