• Homeopathic alternative protocols to naturally build immunity against childhood diseases, viruses, and flu
  • 100% natural treatments for ear infections, rashes, fevers, and flu symptoms
  • autonomic response testing for all medications, supplements and topical creams

Every child is born with his or her own unique cellular patterns within the subnucleus of the cells.  This is why it is critical to not look at all children as if they are the same.  For the reason alone, parents should be very cautious with proceeding with immune protocols designed the same for all children.  Some children simply cannot handle the assault that the recommended mega dosing of vaccines has on their little bodies.  Whether or not you choose to vaccinate your child is your decision.   Whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, my practice offers immune support to allow the child’s body to naturally build resistance to viruses and bacteria strains.  By gently dosing the child over the course of a year with a homeopathic remedy containing the energetic trace of all known viruses to date, we give the child’s immune system just what it needs to build its own immunity against the viruses they may become exposed to in their lives.  Vaccines were developed out of this homeopathic theory but at some point became controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

Our practices in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Scottsdale, Arizona are both set up to be child friendly for your convenience we offer Bio Energetic Medicine services to children, adolescents, and adults.  If your child is sick, call and see if you can get a same day appointment.

Your child’s first initial assessment screens for metals, toxins, polymorphisms, and much more.  This is to establish a baseline for future visits.

  • appointment for sick children will be a priority 
  •  evening appointments are available for sick children, call and if it is possible we will accommodate you.  

As the owner and practitioner of both practices my only goal is to assist the child’s body to heal itself with minimal outside help…. Diane Minkner HHP