Employers Report Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

  • Lower health care costs

  • Improved productivity

  • Increased retention

  • Improved morale and work place culture

  • Decreased absenteeism

  • Reduced presenteeism

  • Decreased Worker’s Compensation expenses

  • Increased loyalty

  • Effective recruiting tool to attract top talent

Innovation is the key to success.  I have developed a truly remarkable corporate wellness program, incorporating the Brain Integration Technique, that will reduce costs and improve employee productivity.

The results of research indicate that wellness programs are no longer optional, but rather necessary to reduce growing healthcare costs and improve employee productivity in the current competitive market.  Employers are realizing that an investment in employee wellness programs is an investment in “human capital” and thus an investment in corporate productivity.  Implement the Brain Integration Wellness Program  and include it in employee benefits package offered to corporate executive and management level employees.

The Brain Integration Technique is a treatment system which combines two interlocking concepts of neurology and acupressure to organize the brain’s performance by “time binding” the coordination and synchronization of many activities within the brain that produces optimum performance of mental skills.   This approach to neuroscience “awakens” the areas of the brain, formerly “asleep” by rerouting blood flow to areas of the brain and changing brain-wave functions. The additional benefits are stress reduction and an increased feeling of wellness.

I offer flexible options for implementing the Brain Integration Wellness Program.  Brain Integration treatment can be performed on site at any corporate facilities or onsite during  corporate events, conventions, or award trips.  Pricing structure will be individualized to accommodate specific corporate needs and locations. The program is not limited to English speaking clients, so it can accommodate employees in offices world wide.