Lifestyle Changes


Adding clean water to your daily regimen can be one of the simplest changes to make. It is

important to look at the source of that water to be certain that we are not introducing more

toxins into the body. A good water filter is truly an investment of a lifetime. Reams of

information are available about the many different filtration systems on the market today.

Without getting into the debate over what constitutes “pure” versus “clean” water or

promoting products, obviously the more pure the water, the better. If you do nothing but take

out the chlorine with a simple carbon filter, you will have substantially improved the situation.



The next change involves pure air. There are as many air filters as there are water filters, and

finding the right one can be quite a feat. Many people cover their skin when utilizing

hazardous cleaning materials but don’t think about the load of toxins entering the body

through the lungs. It has been well documented that the moment you smell a toxin, it has

already entered the bloodstream. So education is the key here. It would not be wise to stand

outside and sniff the gas fumes while fueling the car. Synthetic chemicals, pesticides,

herbicides and other lawn, garden and cleaning products should be avoided. For every toxic

product, there is a non-toxic one that can be purchased. Aerosol products contain toxic

materials, and dental materials should always be used with caution.



Pure food is the next order of business after water and air. There are many debates about

which are the cleanest sources of food. Through BioEnergetic assessments, we can

determine which foods are actually nourishing and which ones are xenobiotics or antibiotics.

For starters, it is best to recommend organic foods. There is lots of research to back up the

extra nutrition that can be obtained through consuming organic over conventional foods. If

organic is not accessible, the next form of food would be natural foods that are minimally

processed. Four types of foods that should be avoided are synthetic, chemically preserved,

irradiated, and genetically altered. These foods are often found in packages. Your best bet is

to shop the outer perimeter of the grocery store and to choose organic or natural when



Some foods to be avoided are refined sugar, coffee, alcohol, pork, refined flours, chocolate,

and carbonated soft drinks. Each of these take their toll on a body in crisis. Sugar takes

effect in the immune system within 15 minutes of ingestion. It slows the white blood cell’s

ability to cleanse the blood by 80%, and this continues for some 6 hours after ingestion.

Soda pulls minerals from the body’s reserves in order to metabolize this poison.



Negative thoughts resulting from negative emotions such as anger, hate, envy, etc., are a

form of toxicity. For many people, negative thoughts and emotions are automatic. They have

been shown to alter pH balance. There are physiological changes that happen, such as

tensing up the muscles and altering the breathing patterns. With this, lymphatic flow is

altered. We can offer support through custom flower essences formulas and

neurotransmitters, but ultimately there has to be a change of heart.

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