Treatment programs are uniquely designed for every specific client!

  • Autonomic Response Tested for precision and accuracy
  • Uniquely created for every client
  • Affordable and Easy
  • BioEnergetic – combining energetic and physical for a synergistic approach
  • Amino Acid Therapies for mood and hormone regulation
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Naturopathic Detoxifications
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Jin Shin Acupresure
  • Crossinology Brain Integration Technique
  • Muscle Reactivation
  • Remote assessments for your convenience

Whether you’re suffering from a long term illness or just recently become ill, get answers quickly and start healing. My offices take same day appointments when we have openings available.  Call today!

I’ve taken my years of experience working with children and adults, combined it with the latest research and created a holistic approach to address disease and dysfunction in the brain and body.  For the best results in the health care industry I have found success comes from combining the Brain Integration Technique with the latest in Bio Energetic Medicine.

I energetically isolate toxins within the body utilizing autonomic response testing  then design a specific protocol for each individual using the latest in safe effective detoxification systems.  I focus first on the microbiome and restoring the gut brain connection clearing the way for the body to do its own healing.  The body was perfectly designed but with repeated exposure to external stress (poor food, GMOs, preservatives, lack of nutritional, vaccines, overuse of pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins) and internal stress from emotional and mental patterns, our blueprint for healthy cell replication has often been compromised and the body no longer knows how to initiate healing.  My treatment plans gently prod the body into action then open the neuropathways within the brain using Brain Integration Technique for optimum function emotionally, mentally, and physiologically. If you are hurting, sick or always fatigued, please contact me immediately for an assessment in Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, or Arizona.