After years of working with addictions and addictive behavior and a lot of clinical research,  I have developed and refined my own propriety Holistic Recovery Programs which combine complex homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies and amino acid therapy together with Addiction Brain Physiology Treatment.

Using this specifically designed protocol, I remove physical toxins using gentle detoxification programs designed to initiate the body’s own immune response to eliminate toxic substances trapped within the structure of the cells.  Left untreated, these “magnets” created by past toxins would continue to cause subconscious cravings for the addictive substance.  With the energetic signature of past substances in the body, it will continually search for an energetic frequency match to obtain homeostasis.  What this means is that your cravings will always be present at some level and the reason you started using will still be present unless you remove the brain signal stimulating the dopamine pathways.    The earlier patients complete the Brain Integration Program, the sooner they will be more receptive to learning new behavioral strategies to cope with stress.

Throughout the program, we work together to address the relationships in patient’s life, as well as recurring situations, removing the previously hard wired behavioral patterns in the subconscious brain which were not conducive to a healthy living and a life of recovery.  All work is done utilizing Autonomic Response Testing and does not involve counseling or coaching.  It is my goal to remove all blocks preventing sobriety and wellness.  All clients are to be also working with a professional in the behavioral health field.

Diane will travel to recovery centers with special arrangements.  Call to inquire