History of Bio Energetic Assessment


The Chinese model of medicine has been around for thousands of years. It is based on the

theory that there is a flow of energy running through the human body. The Chinese call this

flow of energy Qi. They also discovered that it flows through pathways in the body. These

pathways are called meridians. There is a meridian for each of the various organs and

systems in the body. They later mapped various points along each meridian that work like

circuit breakers. These points are what are accessed in acupuncture. Each of these points,

they discovered, had a certain amount of energy flowing through them. Chinese research

showed that when the energy was out of balance in these points there would be a physical

change in the organs or systems associated with the point, so the amount of energy flowing

through these points has a direct effect on a person’s health.


In the 1940’s, a German physician, Dr. Reinhold Voll became fascinated with these

acupuncture points. He believed that if there was energy flowing through these points in the

body, he should be able to measure it without acupuncture needles. He developed a tool

similar to an ohmmeter (an instrument that can be inserted into an electrical outlet to

measure the energy) and he began to experiment on various people. He realized that, sure

enough, it was measurable, and then discovered what the normal flow of energy should be.


Occasionally Voll would find an acupuncture point that was out of balance. When he

stimulated the point with a little electricity to get it to come into balance it would come into

balance, but one problem was that it didn’t seem to hold.


Dr. Volt was excited about his research and decided to share it with a group of homeopathic

doctors. He chose one of the doctors from the audience and tested his points. He found that

the man’s prostate point was a little low on energy. The doctors then decided to break for

lunch and when they came back, Dr. Voll invited the doctor back up on stage so that he could

stimulate the point with electricity and bring it to balance.


Before stimulating the point, however, he decided to retest it. To his amazement, the point

was now balanced! He asked the doctor what he had done over the lunch break. The doctor

revealed that he had picked up some Echinacea 4X (a homeopathic remedy for the prostate).

It was in his pocket and he took it out to show it to Dr. Voll. They placed the remedy on the

table and retested the point. Now it was out of balance. Dr. Voll had him hold the remedy and

retested. It was now balanced, and they realized that the acupuncture points could be

altered by adding substances (herbs, homeopathy, supplements, prescriptions, detoxification

programs, nutrition, etc.).


This is BioAssessment, Electro Acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) or Electro-Dermal

Screening. In the early days this testing was done in a huge warehouse. One by one,

substances were added into the loop. The assessments would sometimes last for eight

hours. In the 1980’s the process became computerized, which cut the assessment time to 4

hours. Today, with state-of-the-art equipment, an assessment last minutes instead of hours.


Why is Bio Energetic Assessment Useful?


Our bodies come into contact daily with chemicals, heavy metals, toxins and viruses from the

air, the environment and other everyday stress.  Balancing bio energetic patterns requires

detoxification, nurturing and rebuilding the cells of the body.  Herbal and homeopathic

treatment assists the body in eliminating cellular- stored toxins as well as new, incoming

toxins.  As the body is cleansed, the rebuilding phase requires the cells are provided with

adequate building blocks in the form of botanical, homeopathic and nutritional supplements

to sustain the healing response and release stress.


Natural healing remedies differ from regular medicine in that they stimulate a healing

response. Brain Integration treatment along with the correct homeopathic remedy produce a “resonance” between your body and the healthy energetic frequency as a therapeutic principle. This resonance stimulates the body’s natural healing ability and enables Qi or Vital Force to flow freely.


How is Bio Energetic Assessment Done?


Energy evaluations are done through the use of kinesiology (manual muscle testing).  Bio Assessment is a nonintrusive, painless method of energetic testing which measures energy imbalances in the body by eavesdropping in on the communication system of the body and “listening” to what is lacking or needed to restore health.


Is Bio Energetic Assessment Diagnostic?


It must be understood that while the evaluation is capable of detecting energetic imbalances

that may be associated with past, current or potential illness, it cannot predict and does not

diagnose the physical presence of illness or disease; nor does it presume to treat or cure

any such illness. By United States law, diagnosis and treatment are considered the practice

of medicine, and fall under the sole jurisdiction of licensed medical doctors. A practitioner

who is not a licensed M.D. cannot use or implicate the evaluation as a diagnosis or treatment

for any specific illness.


Do I have to change everything in my life?


Some healthy changes will be suggested in an effort to help your body handle factors such as

stress, environmental toxins and food toxins.


The extent to which an individual may be helped depends on many factors, including the

nature of the energy imbalance, its duration and the willingness of the individual to

participate in the healing process. Rather than a passive approach to health, we encourage

and assist you to become a responsible partner in the process of health maintenance,

enabling increased vitality and a stronger, healthier life.

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