I would like to share with you how we, collaboratively, can help your clients/patients overcome the blocks that come up during therapy and enable them to become more present and available to participate in their own healing.  When your clients are in therapy, they are not only dealing with today’s circumstances, but they are reacting to/from their subconscious memories.  The subconscious forgets nothing and is never wrong. It is often misunderstood though.  There is normally a large gap in awareness between the connection of conscious and subconscious mind.  By introducing your clients to Brain Integration, you are offering them the freedom from the control of their subconscious mind and severing the ties, which bind them to dysfunctional behaviors.  As professionals you know that clients behave the way they do  as a direct result of how they learned to behave in the past.  Behaviors, addictions, reactions, coping mechanisms are all learned responses hard wired into the limbic centers of their brains.

Brain Integration Technique is a cutting edge process, which uses muscle testing to locate and remove subconscious stress from past experiences. Experiences that became hard wired into the brain.  Life experiences build references in our brains causing patterns in our behavior.  This often leaves us wondering why we struggle with distracting self-medicating or self-soothing behaviors that don’t serve us very well in our daily lives.

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An open mind is receptive to learning


~ Diane Minkner