What Diane’s clients have to say:

We discovered Diane Minkner through a friend in Coeur d’Alene and we are eternally grateful that we did! Our 17 year old son has always struggled in school and we tried everything we could think of. Tutors were puzzled as were we because he really was trying. It was as if he just had no innate ability to do math. Turns out that is exactly what was happening. Diane discovered that the area of his brain-the logic processing area- was not communicating with his other areas of the brain. He had some previously undiscovered metals that were interfering with his brain function. After a month long detox and then a brain integration, our son is learning math for the first time. He had to start at the basics but he is catching up quickly and we are elated with his progress! Please make that call to Diane. It changed our son’s life.

-Susan (happy Spokane mom of a teenage son)


I took my 14-year old son to see Diane who came highly recommended by a good friend. My son had difficulties in reading comprehension and math for many years. Though not “severe” enough to be diagnosed with any learning disability, as a parent I knew something might not be right, as I watched him struggle through tears. At our initial assessment, Diane discovered deep-level switching of my son’s brain, hence he had been living and learning with a “brain fog”. Through Diane’s Brain Integration therapy, my son is now able to correctly and efficiently process information as his brain was originally intended. Consequently, his learning has become easier and quicker, his grades improved significantly, and he no longer experiences the emotional frustration. In addition, Diane discovered other health issues we addressed, which we otherwise would not have known at the time without her help. I recommend Diane to anyone! She is professional, knowledgeable, and extremely thorough. She has great care and respect toward her work and her clients. I’m so thankful we found Diane to help my son!

-Sandy Apodaca (happy Scottsdale mom of a teenage son)


Diane was introduced by a friend and has been a blessing to my entire family. I continue to use her for myself, both my children, my mother and now my extended family. Among other things, my son has Brittle Bones and Diane has helped him in ways that Western Medicine has not. I call Diane for issues with my son, before I call anyone else. I trust her immensely and recommend her to anyone and everyone I come across. Thank-you Diane, for everything!!

-Colleen Atnip


I’m so incredibly thankful for this amazing healer! Diane is a Godsend! After years of being undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and just plain miserable, Diane was able to diagnose & isolate my issues and illnesses and help bring me back to good health. I recommend you daily to people who need you. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you Diane! I’m Eternally Grateful!!

-Daphne Herbst


This morning I woke up and there was a stranger in my house….he looks familiar….and has a great smile….but his mood and attitude were rather unfamiliar…he was smiling, happy, joking. I’m not sure what happened to the grumpy, angry pre-teen who used to frequent our home, but I think I’ll keep this one! HUUUUUUUUGE difference from Monday and Tuesday morning. You are my hero. I really want to cry. Virtual hug!

-Shari (happy mom of a teenage son Mom)


I had the worst food allergies!  I would literally get canker sores from indulging in a peach or a nectarine! Summertime is a tough season to live through when the only fruit you can eat without a reaction is an apple!  Now I enjoy every fruit I want, without fear of a canker sore or itchy ears.  I never knew how much I was missing.  I am pleased to recommend this to everyone!  It’s so easy and so worth it!

-Steve J (Scottsdale, AZ)


I am a mother and special education teacher. I adopted two children from foster care, and I have spent the last 10 years researching and trying anything and everything to help my oldest son who was the victim of early trauma and severe neglect. In a desperate attempt to help him, and keep my family intact, I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars. We have tried supplements, therapy, behavior coaching, and medication. He has been in a self-contained special education setting for almost 4 years. He has been hospitalized twice due to violent aggression. This summer I contacted Diane Minkner when another parent recommended Brain Integration Therapy. When I took him to see her, I was exhausted and emotionally drained. My son was still struggling…at home, at school…in life. We worked with Diane for several days straight, and have continued to keep in contact and had follow up appointments as needed. My son is a different child. The rages and violent aggression are a thing of the past. He is happier and MUCH more pleasant to be around. The difference at school is amazing. In the past his teacher had to sit with him one on one to do math…and it still caused meltdowns. In the last few weeks she has made numerous comments about how well his is doing in Math…WITHOUT help. I fully expect him to slowly start transitioning out of the self-contained classroom. Right now he is outside playing with his little brother….something I couldn’t trust him to do for years. They are laughing and having a good time. The neighbor girl told her mother a few weeks ago, “He is so nice mom. It’s like he has a whole new brain.” He is, in general, an age appropriate 12 year old. Diane has saved my child, and my sanity. I will forever be indebted to her for bringing my son out of the horrible trauma of his past.

-Sheri (mother of a 12yr old adopted son, previously removed from his birth mother for severe neglect)


My child was diagnosed with ADD and my husband and I were concerned about side effects of putting him on a stimulant.  As we were vacillating over what direction to turn next, our son’s tutor recommended we call Diane for a consultation about a Brain Integration.  I would recommend Integration for Performance for anyone who has a child struggling in school.   Diane explained the whole process to us as we went along.  She eliminated any fears we had and made my son very comfortable during the procedure.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we were all pleased with the professionalism and the diplomacy with which our son’s issues were addressed.  He did not realize he was doing much more than relaxing on a table and playing a few puzzles at times.  He is a different child today and we notice positive changes in his behavior every day.  We’re very excited to see what new changes his teachers see this coming school year!

-Wendy G. (Phoenix, AZ)


Diane took excellent care of me and my needs. I feel balanced and she helped a lot. Highly recommended !!

-Sharon Peterman (Scottsdale, AZ and Hayden Lake, Idaho)


I always assumed that everyone else had to study as hard as I did.  It never occurred to me that I could have a learning disability.  I always knew I was easily distracted, but I assumed that was normal.  I heard about Brain Integration from a friend, who had her daughter integrated by Diane.  I figured why not?  What did I have to lose?  Now , I can process what people are saying the first time, without having to ask them to repeat themselves.  I also retain what I read, for the first time in my life!  This procedure is awesome.  I wish it was around when I was younger.

-Michele R, (Scottsdale, AZ)


I hated reading my entire academic career.  I always just assumed it was a personal thing that made me hate it.  Little did I know is that is was due to the fact that I could not retain any of the info for long periods of time.  After my brain integration, I tried reading again and was able to make it through an entire novel in a few days FOR FUN!  Not only that, but I was able to participate in conversation about the content with others who had read the same book.  Normally I was not able to remember the character’s name!  I wish I had this service done before completing my academic career!  It would have made it so much easier!

-Andrew M, (Tempe, AZ),


I graduated from George Washington University with a Doctorate in Human Resource Development; however learning was always very difficult for me. I developed alternative learning strategies to get through school and life, but it was always a challenge for me. I’ve been very successful in school and my career despite struggling with low energy levels and “brain fog”. If I had gone through BIT when I was younger this journey would have been much easier and more rewarding. My current focus and clarity has made be a better executive, a better poker player (I love poker) and a more productive learner.

Diane made me feel relaxed and comfortable . She was professional, yet provided a casual environment, and the therapy was noninvasive. In fact, I slept through most of the therapy.

I would recommend Diane or Integration for Performance to anyone looking to improve his or her concentration, focus, or organizational skills, or to overcome any emotional stress they are dealing with in life.

Dr. Douglas Bryant

I spent a week in sunny Arizona having my brain integration completed with Diane.  I’m happy to say that after living with debilitating depression for the majority of my adult life, I now have a different, positive outlook and no longer suffer from wounds I carried with me from my childhood.  I had previously tried anti depressants as well as counseling, but my results were limited to say the least.  I found that immediately after I began treatment I felt like my shoulders were no longer carrying heaviness around and my legs felt lighter.  It’s difficult to express to someone who has not experienced severe depression, but I feel physically different and I would recommend this treatment to anyone I know.  I found out about Brain Integration from a friend and I am now a devoted fan of the technique.  Diane created what felt like a safe environment for me to be in.  I felt comfortable and was able to let me guard down as she worked on me.  At first my emotions were as they normally were – over guarded and cautious.  Slowly I noticed that the impact lessened from my past history and it was just a memory that did not affect me emotionally in the way that it always had.  Please don’t spend another minute feeling heavy, depressed or depleted.  I wish I had discovered Brain Integration and Diane a long time ago………thank you sincerely


Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis. After having several sinus infections, taking several rounds of antibiotics, going to have a CT scan and not finding much relief or effective treatment, I began looking for alternative solutions to resolving this debilitating condition.  After the holidays this past year I had an extreme episode of my sinusitis.  My nasal passages were nearly swollen shut, the congestion in my right ear extended all the way back to my jaw back of my neck and down the front side of my throat and I had an irritated & itchy throat.  I was introduced to Diane Minkner by a mutual friend and she suggested that I come into her office for a visit.  I went to see her immediately because I was nearly incapacitated. When I arrived my entire face was swollen, I had nearly lost my voice and the congestion in my ear was so bad I could barely hear out of it. I was miserable. Diane was able to determine the cause of the sinusitis; she was able to determine that an underlying condition of candida overgrowth was the cause of my chronic condition.  She was able to clear me of my sinus swelling, and calm my condition.  She recommended that I begin a gluten-free diet and eliminate refined sugars because they were feeding my candida condition.  Immediately after my session with her the swelling in my face was gone, my nasal passages were beginning to clear and the congestion in my ear was slowly equalizing. I followed her suggestions on the change in diet and am pleased to report that she was right.  I have finally found the root cause for my condition and a drug free treatment that was successful. I am forever grateful to Diane for providing me with my life back – free from headaches, excruciating pain, pressure and discomfort in my sinuses and ears, and irritated throat.  I would highly recommend this process to anyone with allergies or sinus related issues.

Buffie O’Neill

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