Healing Solution for Brain Injuries

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Whether you’ve suffered a stroke or been a victim of a traumatic brain injury, there is help available.  Please do not accept what conventional medicine tells you about the limitations you might have following either of these injuries.  We have had great success treating individuals with Brain Integration Technique!  You CAN regain movement in a hand or foot following a stroke!  You CAN regain your sense of smell to enjoy food again!  You CAN reconnect the speech centers of your brain to connect with your communication centers again.  Results are progressive and some results are immediate, but the important thing is the results are undeniable.  Just ask someone who has lost their sense of smell from a stroke.  They will tell you it is a sense they never realized until it was gone, how much they enjoyed the smell of fresh cut grass, of blooming flowers, of cooking food.  When you lose a sense, your world as you know it changes.  The brain is known by science to have Neuroplasticity, which is to say that it is always changing and learning.  The brain literally changes from experiences and it can be “taught” again following brain injuries.

If you have symptoms like this following a head trauma or a stroke:

  • slurred speech

  • dizziness, balance problems

  • confusion processing

  • trouble speaking the correct words (aphasia)

  • reversing letters or numbers

  • trouble organizing thoughts

  • memory problems

  • loss of feeling and use of appendages

You don’t have to live with these symptoms!

Many people have enjoyed relief from Brain Integration Treatment!

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Healing takes time, and results are often not immediate for all symptoms, but the end result is nothing short of amazing.  Please feel free to browse our website to learn all the wonderful areas Brain Integration helps!