Awareness Creates Change

When you feel anxious, worried, scared, angry, etc. have you ever stopped to notice where in your physical body you feel something?  When your mind is blocked in a manner of speaking you can actually feel the “pinching off” of energy somewhere in your body.  Case in point, you hear a sound in your home when nobody else is home and you feel a tightness in your gut or a pounding of your heart.  Those are easy to recognize, but what about noticing when someone you don’t care for walks into the room?  Chances are if you are still enough you will notice somewhere in your body you are pinching off the energy flow of an area.  Now we could talk about this in terms of chakras, but that word alone will normally lose some of you.  No, I am not airy fairy in anyway, nor am I likely to break out into a rain dance anytime soon….so let’s just discuss this in terms of body parts and keep that flow open shall we?  When I am preparing to have a talk with someone who normally causes me stress I notice that I brace for it physically.  I clench my jaw to avoid displaying anger.  When I hear sad or upsetting news, I notice that I squeeze my sinuses almost in preparation for crying.  After the stressful situation passes, I am normally stuck with a headache and stiff neck from clenching my jaw, as if I was holding my tongue to keep from yelling.

Now, play with me a little on this one….What do you feel and where do you feel it?  Think about someone, someplace or something you have negative thoughts or emotions about.  Where in your body is that coming from?  (Don’t say your mind!)  Be still… listen quietly within for a moment and identify where and what you feel.  Is it a tightening?, a clenching? Is it caught in your throat?

Next question……What does this remind you of in your childhood?  Maybe your conscious thoughts are not allowing you to access this information.  Try writing it down instead.   This queasy feeling in my stomach reminds me of……………….

Once you start writing, the thoughts will flow and you can continue writing about the whys and the hows of the situation in your past.

The reason this exercise is so cathartic is that once you bring the subconscious into your awareness, it isn’t running the show anymore.

Be a witness to what your mind is doing.  Recognize when your subconscious programming is running the show.  Once you recognize this, you can change your thoughts to those which better serve you.  The more you can out these blindspots, the easier it is to manage your life.

When you are running your life from your past through subconscious programming, you expect a certain outcome.  You will get what you expect.  It works that way.  There’s no way around it.  Expect someone to behave badly and most times they will accommodate you.

At our alternative medicine Coeur d’Alene office and alternative medicine Tempe office, we offer Crossinology Brain Integration Technique to help remove those subconscious anchors you may be struggling with.

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