Congratulations, you’ve decided to take the first step!

1. Contact me to make your appointment

480-473-8773 for Arizona

208-991-8300 for Coeur d’Alene or Spokane area

Please feel free to call me for a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to discuss how Brain Integration can help you or someone you love.  For your convenience you can email me directly with questions too!

First you need an appointment for an initial Brain Integration Bio-energetic assessment and evaluation.  This first appointment takes about 90 -120 minutes and the cost is $290.  I can complete your assessment on the same day as your Brain Integration Appointment at your request.  I like to accommodate my clients the best way I can.  If you are arriving from out of town, I will schedule your appointments on consecutive days.  I am flexible for my local Arizona clientele with appointments available for full days, half days, or 2 hour appointments. Saturday appointments may be available – just ask!  Brain Integration treatment takes between 10-16 hours normally, with exceptions for severe anxiety, depression, stroke or traumatic brain injuries  -which require more time.  My practice is a private pay facility.  I do not accept insurance.  Payment is due at the time services are rendered. Perfection is not possible and results are not guaranteed.

For your convenience I now accept credit cards

2. Fill Out Intake Forms to bring with you

After you schedule your appointment, I will email you my intake forms. Please fill them out and email them to me in advance.  It is important for you to include as much detail as you can.  Often things that may seem irrelevant are important.  For your convenience you may write on additional pages if needed.  Please understand, I am NOT a medical doctor and do not diagnose mental or physical illnesses.

3. Prepare for Your Appointment

For your comfort, I offer an informal, but professional atmosphere.  My office is designed to provide a non-clinical and relaxing environment for all of my clients.  I recommend that all of my clients come well-fed and well-hydrated with water. Please bring a large water bottle and snacks for long or multiple sessions in one day. Brain Integration and Muscle Reactivation depend on electromagnetic signals, so staying hydrated is critical to the process.  You will need to turn your cellphone on silent and leave it away from your body by at least 8 feet, so that the electromagnetic signal does not interfere with your treatment.  Before your treatment, please remove anything with a battery, such as a watch.  A pacemaker is the obvious exception.  You will be removing your shoes and lying comfortably on a massage table during your visit.  Most of our clients tell us they finish each day relaxed, but sometimes slightly tired.  Please refrain from consuming alcohol the night prior or during the days of your treatment.  You may continue taking any prescriptive drugs.  Children may bring toys to play with that do not require batteries or electricity.