• Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol or any other substance?

  • Sober, but afraid you’ll fall into substance abuse again?

Holistic Recovery Programs

Help you fight the urge to use a substance!  Help yourself or a loved one stay sober with this amazing treatment which removes the physical, emotional, and mental blocks from interfering with a fulfilling life of sobriety! This recovery program was created by Diane Minkner after years of experience working with addicts.  Addicts are unique and I treat each client according to what he or she needs.  Treatments are not one size fits all.  If you have failed at conventional recovery methods, then you owe it to yourself to begin treatment here.  I do not provide medically supervised detox services.   Please see a medical specialist before going off of any substance.  This treatment is for restructuring brain waves to permanently alter cravings for the substance.  Every addiction has its roots in a chemical or metal toxin or an emotional trauma.  Every individual is screened for methylation and neurotransmitter imbalances to fully address the situation from a holistic approach.

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