The Body is Designed to Heal Itself if it Has What it Needs

Every experience we go through changes us emotionally, mentally, and/or physically.  The body is a flow system designed to return to its normal state of health following each experience.  Environmental toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, vaccine adjuvants, food dyes, pharmaceuticals just to name a few) often disrupt this natural flow.  This “block in the flow” can eventually contribute to illness and disease.  Emotional trauma is a form of a toxin issues that become stuck in cellular memory otherwise known as PTSD.

      • Quantum Reflex Analysis to “eavesdrop” on the body for more accuracy
      • Energetically isolate toxins trapped in tissues
      • Crossinology Brain Integration Techniquelearning disabilities; ADD, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, PTSD & other anxiety disorders, closed head trauma, TBI
      • Muscle Reactivation Technique
      • Gentle detox programs that nudge the body’s natural drainage systems to open
      • Homeopathicand Herbal Remedies to support healing
      • Energetic Releases from cellular memory
      • Frequency Resonance Treatment for emotional trauma
      • Chemo Brain Treatment programs
      • Addiction Treatment
      • Naturopathic Immune support for chronic and terminally diagnosed patients

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